Our Newest Creation- The Hoffman Plan

The Hoffman Plan

This plan represents so much to me personally and to our family and so many friends. This plan is about stepping outside of comfort zones, trying new things and moving through pain to find a new version of yourself and new dreams God has in store for your life! 

Life is crazy! It can be so amazingly wonderful and so very cruel! Just when you think you have things all figured out, it changes in the blink of an eye. 

Jake Hoffman was a fun-loving, free spirited guy who was always the life of the party! He grew up in Graettinger, Iowa. He was the heart of his fun family with parents Teaner and Dean, sister Amanda, brother-in-law Ryan, his niece Katelee and nephew Myles whom he adored! 

Jake and our niece Hillary fell in love. All of Hillary’s family loved Jake, and the Hoffman family loved Hillary! They dated for 7 years prior to their wedding on June 10, 2017, a perfect day that had been long awaited for by all of us. Sadly, that is where the amazingly wonderful part ends and the very cruel begins. Just five weeks later, Jake was killed in an automobile accident near their home. He was 27 years old and Hillary was 24. So many lives changed forever. So many dreams that were cut short. No one knows why someone so young is taken from our lives, but God always has a plan! 

Hillary was longing for things to go back to the way they were, but that wasn’t an option. She knew she had to move on and she knew Jake would want that. But how? Where would she be able to go to let her heart heal? Everyone in the area knew them and their story. She didn’t want pity and she didn’t want to be a source of sadness for others. So after a year, Hillary moved to Houston, Texas to try to get a fresh start. This young woman was a 25 year old widow. She had never lived away from home except during college at UNI, which was about 3 hours away. Our hearts were broken for her, Jake’s family and for our own family. We all knew she needed to do this but no one wanted her to go. Hillary clung to her faith in God and his purpose for her life. I have never met anyone who impressed me so much with their strength and faith in a plan they could not see than what I’ve seen in Hillary. No, it wasn’t easy for her. There was pain and uncertainty. Yet she pushed through with God’s grace!

Hillary and I discussed shortly after Jake’s death that I would build a home with the name of Hoffman. It was something that made her very happy and we discussed often but we were waiting on the perfect time. We feel this is the time. Jake may not be on this earth, but there is no doubt he is happy for Hillary to move on and he knows like we all do that being gone does not stop people from loving you, it gives them courage to move on. Jake’s memory will always be alive in those of us that knew and loved him and our families will forever be intertwined!

Nobody could have predicted the amazing new blessings God has placed in Hillary’s path. Hillary has found herself again. No, not the same version of herself, but a new sparkle in her eyes that can only come from the love of God and family. She has confidence in her own decisions, and found her way from pain to happiness. 

Written by: Steph Reed

How many homes do we build in a year?

Our goal is to stay small. This allows us to give the best quality product by being on site as much as possible everyday & allows for a close working relationship with our vendors, contractors & clients! Keeping the number of homes low also allows us to stay up with the latest & greatest in design and market needs. If there is one thing we hear a lot of it’s that there are only so many things you can do with a rectangle shaped home. While this may be true to some extent it shouldn’t mean everyone should be supplying the same exact product to the public. How BORING!! Honestly, it is lazy & uninspiring to both the builder and the public! We hope to set ourselves apart from the rest of the pack and believe we can with lower numbers, fresh ideas & listening to our past, potential and current buyers!